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With thoughtful lyrics, first – rate musicianship and exciting live shows, SPLASH’N BOOTS has ridden a giant yellow and blue wave to the forefront of the Canadian children’s music scene. Known for their trademark yellow and blue attire, the beloved children’s duo has a strong connection with their devoted ‘Yellow’N Blue Crew’, as their fan base is known. Live, Splash’N Boots deliver super – charged, interactive performances. It’s a time for kids and parents to let loose. “Live, no two performances are ever alike, they’re very audience – driven. We switch up the songs and just let it happen; it can definitely be unpredictable, but it makes it really fun and exciting for us,” says Taes and Nick.

Since their inception, Splash’N Boots has been committed to using their platform to support and raise awareness for important causes. Through their grassroots organization, Splash’N Boots 4 Kids, the duo is dedicated to creating sustainable, long term mus ical programming for Canadian children. In April 2017, Splash’N Boots begin working on outreach programs for at – risk children in over 12 Northern Canadian communities. Their first initiative saw Splash’N Boots venture to the remote town of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut to film a video for the song ‘Thank You’, which recently debuted on Treehouse.

Musically, and personally, the duo formed a deep connection to the community. “ We want to continue to create new programs that help bring at -risk children opportunities to grow through the arts. Ultimately, it’s less about us writing a song or performing a show, and more about creating a collective experience between us and the kids.”

Their most recent album, the JUNO nominated LOVE, KISSES and HUGS is a collection of love songs for children and their parents. With original songs like “Blink of An Eye, “Promise You”, and “Worth Waiting For”, SPLASH’N BOOTS musically capture the indescribable love between parents and their little ones.

LOVE, KISSES and HUGS is the perfect family soundtrack for sun – filled mornings, long car rides, and the moments just before slumber arrives.

“Our hope is that these songs will allow kids and parents to bond through music and help create happy musical memories,” says the duo.

With an undeniably fresh approach to family entertainment, Splash’N Boots love for what they do radiates through all facets of their career. Unique and inventive, they are constantly striving to create opportunities for parents and children to share moments, and consistently produce new material for the next generation of Puddle Jumpers.

Splash’N Boots’ Fast Facts:

• Juno Award nominations in 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 for Children’s Album of the Year.

• 3 – time Sirius XM Independent Music Awards’ Canadian Children’s Music Group of The Year.

• 11 albums, 3 DVDs and televised performances with The Wiggles and Fred Penner.

• Toured and performed live throughout North America, Dubai, Bermuda, Australia, and Italy.

• The Big Yellow Boot, is seen daily in 8.3 million homes on Treehouse, Canada’s number one pre-school network.

• Committed philanthropy with Sick Kids Hospital and Camp Ooch, Kids Up Front; Starlight Foundation;Lucas’ Letters, a pen pal program that connects children with Autism; and their own grassroots organization Splash’N Boots 4 Kids.

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