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Ed the Sock, a cigar-smoking pop culture icon in his homeland Canada, started his TV career on a tiny cable access station in Toronto in 1987 and quickly became a national phenomenon.

In 1994 his late-night TV show Ed’s Night Party! (later Ed & Red’s Night Party!) started its record-breaking 14-year run on broadcaster Citytv, beating heavyweights Leno & Letterman in head-to-head ratings battles. The show was syndicated around the world, including 2 seasons on G4 in the US. Two seasons of Ed & Red’s Night Party! an be found on Youtube at EdtheSockCentral.

Ed was a leading personality on Muchmusic, Canada’s former music TV channel, where his fearless honesty & wit made him a hero to viewers and celebrities, including Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Coldplay, Avril Lavigne, Nickelback, Willie Nelson, William Shatner and too many more to list. Ed continues to be a force to be reckoned with in Canada, with frequent appearances on TV & radio and a more and more on the net.

An outspoken commentator on pop culture, music, TV, movies, news, politics and more, Ed can be found every week (new on Tuesdays) with his new show Sock Puppet Account, on EveryJoe.com and every second Wednesday in Roughly 90 Seconds with Ed the Sock on Huffington Post Canada. Videos of both are on the main page. 

As for any similarity between Ed and a certain dog puppet…well, Ed was first (by over a decade), but there’s room for two puppets in the entertainment world. There’s many more than that already working in news and reality shows.

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