Diane Chase

Never before have so many artists from Canada been recognized around
the world for their contributions to the art of country music.

Meet Diane Chase.

From humble beginnings in Sudbury, Ontario and the youngest of ten
children, she found her voice at age five and as a teenager began
touring with the popular band “Flirt” in Ontario and Quebec.
Realizing the power of stage performing, Diane packed up, moved to
Toronto and never looked back.  Although earning her Canadian
securities license and working as an investment banker by day, the
call to write, record and sing took over, and Diane committed to a
full time career as a recording and performing artist.

As one of Toronto’s highly sought after and most established female
vocalists, Diane’s quest to improve her craft led her to Nashville and
home again to Kitchener, Ontario’s Cedar Tree Studios where Diane
worked with CCMA Award winning producer Rick Hutt.  The release of her
first CD, “IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMETHING” followed shortly thereafter.
The title track and first single skyrocketed to the Top 10and remained
entrenched at the top of radio play lists for months, a precursor of
the success to follow. The video became a CMT favorite, earning the #
9 spot on their Top 20 Countdown.  Subsequent singles and videos
WALKIN’ AWAY WITH YOU, TAKING BACK MY HEART, THERE I GO AGAIN,CRAZY IN LOVE all ruled the charts over the next 24 months and culminated in 2
Top 10 and 4 Top 20 hits on the charts as well as 4 Top 10 videos on